• My experience with Dentures By Denturists was one of total satisfaction from start to finish! I was made to feel totally welcomed and very comfortable throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend this well organized and knowledgeable office to anyone needing dentures.

    Thank you to you all for a job well done
    Shane, Midland
  • My experience with this whole journey has been absolutely amazing! I was very nervous and embarrassed. Jaro at Dentures by Denturists is a very friendly, professional person. I am so proud of my new smile. Honestly I have not really smiled in about 5 years because I was embarrassed at the state of my teeth. I have total confidence now and smile all the time! It was a relief to find someone whom I felt genuinely cared. My aftercare following the surgery was fantastic. The doors were always open for me to come back with any concerns. The staff at dentures by denturists are very friendly and professional. A huge thank you to Jaro for giving me my confidence back! I would recommend his services 100%. So happy to smile and be proud of it.

    I have total confidence now and smile all the time!
    Colleen, Penetanguishene
  • I felt very comfortable upon entering this office. The waiting room is very pleasing to the eye and the staff were very kind. Timing was very efficient with no waiting. I was taken down the hall to an examine room and Jaro came immediately. As he took impressions he explained what he was doing the whole time. I would and will recommend this practice to anyone needing dentures.

    I felt very comfortable upon entering this office
    Lesley, Penetang
  • Upon arriving at the office of Dentures by Denturists, I was very impressed with the clean office and friendly greeting from the staff. I was very comfortable with all the “COVID” procedures and all the measures that were taken to keep everyone safe. Jaro Wojcicki was very calm & friendly and he took the time to answer all my questions & address my concerns. He explained all my options regarding my treatment plan and he made me feel comfortable to have him as my denturist. I did not have any doubt at all and everything went very well. All my appointments were efficient and well organized.

    All my appointments were efficient and well organized.
    Frank, Coldwater
  • Dear Jaro and Staff,
    First let me thank you for all that you are doing to protect us from the virus and also to everyone a big thank you for making me feel welcome every time I come to your office. Your smiles and greetings made it very welcoming. A big thank you and should anyone ask, I would recommend your office. Stay safe and stay well.

    Thank you for all the protective measures you are taking within your office!
    Patricia, Midland
  • I have been completely impressed by Jaro & staff from my very first encounter. The office is clean, modern, inviting, state-of-the-art and very comfortable. Geri and Amanda are welcoming and friendly as well as knowledgeable and professional. Jaro is amazing. Very experienced, patient, personable and caring. Pretty much the perfect combo! Do I recommend this business? ABSOLUTELY!

    The office is clean, modern, inviting, state-of-the-art and very comfortable!
    Kathy, Midland
  • I have been going to see Jaro, Tamara, “Sophie” and the girls in this office since 2015. Everyone in this office has been EXCELLENT and the service I have received has been very professional and warming. I would MOST DEFINITELY refer friends and family to see everyone involved in this awesome place of business!!!

    The service I have received has been very professional and warming!
    Debbie, Midland
  • It is with great pleasure to write this testimonial. From the first time meeting Dr. J and his staff I always felt comfortable and never judged.
    I needed to get new partials and Dr. J made the transition easy for me, with payments and timely results.
    I’m happy to say my new teeth look so natural that even I can hardly tell the difference. Follow-up has been great and it seems as if I have everyone in his office ready and able to assist me if I have any questions or concerns.
    Thanks Dr. J and all your staff for making me look amazing!

    I always felt comfortable and never judged.
    Blaze, Tiny
  • I found the office very clean & friendly. The staff was very helpful & kind. The Denturist explained everything very carefully & took the time to listen to me. I would highly recommend Jaro as he is very good.

    He took the time to listen to me!
    Yvonne, Penetanguishene
  • I found Dentures by Denturists at 2 Robert Street West, Penetanguishene to have a pleasant atmosphere and experienced and talented professionals. Several comforting appointments proved to be easy and informative as Jaro Wojcicki Jr. educated me every step of the process and had the highest level of understanding as to what he was doing for me in creating my new dentures. Jaro told me what different options were available during the build, and what positive and negative factors were applicable with each choice.

    The result was a comfortable and good looking set of dentures. The dentures fit perfectly!

    I felt assured every step of the way and found even the earliest mock up of my denture was comfortable. My finished dentures fit like they were made just for me and comfortable enough to wear all the time.

    I wholeheartedly recommend Dentures by Denturists at 2 Robert Street West, Penetanguishene. The process, the environment and the finished product are all top notch perfection. The business is third generation and doesn’t miss a thing in crafting the best product.

    I strongly endorse Dentures by Denturists at 2 Robert Street West, Penetanguishene.

    The dentures fit perfectly!
    Ian, Midland
  • Walking into a bright, comfortable office, overseen by two smiling and friendly receptionist, quickly removes any fear of an unpleasant experience! Jaro was just as welcoming. He, with his cheery smile and unhurried manner, explained the procedure to be taken, the number of necessary visits, the total cost, when payments were expected and explained any necessary follow-ups. My appointments were punctual. There was absolutely no pressure either to up-sell or purchase…”Go home and think about it!” All in all a pleasurable experience, resulting in an appliance which fits perfectly and is completely comfortable. I would highly recommend Dentures by Denturists! Thanks to you all!

    Walking into a bright, comfortable office!
    Eleanor, Midland
  • Jaro Wojcicki is one of the nicest people I’ve met. You can tell he loves his patients and has most certainly treated me with respect. It was very much appreciated that he came from Penetang to Orillia to see me at my home and finish my dentures. Not only did he come once, but three times. He is a great Denturist and great at his job. He is very patient and always has a smile. He would bend over backwards for you. His staff is also very nice. I would recommend him to everybody. Thank you Jaro, I can’t say enough about how grateful I am. I wish you the best of luck in life and with your practice.

    He is very patient and always has a smile!
    Jason, Orillia
  • Dear Jaro,
    I pray you, your coworkers and employees are well. The reason I decided to write to you is because of how extremely well I was treated during every visit with you and the ladies. Because of my wonderful treatment I felt I wanted to let all of you know.

    I have been to many Denturists in my lifetime and not one of them had ever welcomed me as warmly as you and your team did. From the moment I entered your business and met the ladies at the front desk to my last visit I felt comfortable and at ease. The professionalism and courteousness was greatly appreciated.

    Jaro, you are the best Denturist that has ever handled my case. I will admit I was a little nervous at first because of my other experiences trying to get a well fitted denture. As you know it can be a challenge. One of the of things I noticed about you is that you really genuinely care about your clients. For example: if I had a concern or just a question you had no problem listening and then clarifying it for me. At our last meeting you made it clear to me that if I had any issues or needed my denture tightened to just come in and it would be fixed at no charge. I would like you to know out of all the places I’ve been to you are the first one to have me come back on a regular basis. Not just one appointment. For me this was so out of the norm, but you informed me that it is really the norm. I knew then I was in good hands (a professional). And now that I have been wearing my denture for a while I must tell you it’s the best fitting denture I’ve ever worn. I actually forget I have it in. You might laugh but sometimes I have to check to make sure I put it in my mouth.

    Just a side note Jaro, before I made contact with you I prayed that God would direct me to the right person for the job. I prayed very specially for someone who would care about my needs regarding my new teeth. You Jaro were the man for the job. I can’t say it enough times but THANK YOU!!!!!

    May God bless you, your coworkers and the ladies.

    You might laugh but, sometimes I have to check to make sure I put it in my mouth.
    Sincerely, Deborah
  • I want to thank all of you for making this experience so comfortable and rewarding. I love my new teeth! And so does everyone who knows me!

    There were so many issues aside from the crack in my upper denture; things I’d become so used to, I hardly realized they were going on. My teeth were so worn that my jaw sat in an unnatural position. They no longer lined up, and required acrobatics to chew food well enough. Lettuce and meat that didn’t melt were off the menu all together. Corn on the cob? Phew! In my dreams!

    I’ve had my new teeth for two weeks now, and I can’t believe how it has changed my life so instantly! The fit and comfort has been amazing! I am eating foods I’ve been missing for years and, to my surprise, even swallowing liquid is more comfortable! This is only the beginning of the rewarding results that have already occurred since replacing my dentures. Yesterday, I met with a group of children from my art program and for the first time, I did not worry that they were noticing the poor condition of my teeth. I did not dread the possibility of my cracked upper plate snapping in two, leaving them with an image they would carry for the rest of their lives!

    For years, I put off replacing my dentures. I justified the delay with more reasons than I could count; yet I can hardly remember them now. It is strange how that happens. Again, thank you Jaro, Laurie and Lorretta – you were all so professional, so compassionate and so thoughtful.

    P.S. I am having corn on the cob for supper again tonight.

    Perfectly Fitting Dentures
    Best regards, Laurie, Midland
  • It has been over a month since I had my implants loaded and want to extend to you and your team a heartfelt thank you. Having gone many years with only a few lower teeth (in not very good condition) which were supporting a partial plate, I can’t begin to impress the positive impact the implants and my new dentures have had. Quite frankly, I had forgotten what stable teeth felt like and meant to the enjoyment of a meal. I can even eat corn from the cob. My confidence when eating with friends and family has been restored and, in my opinion, my smile looks great and I use it frequently. Again, thank you to everyone for making the whole experience such a positive one. I would not hesitate to recommend the procedure to anyone regardless of their age.


    Such a Confidence Boost
    Nancy, Waubaushene
  • I first met the team of Dentures by Denturists in July of 2012 on the recommendation of my dentist. For many years, I was always hiding my smile with my hands because my teeth were in the worst shape ever in my life. At first I thought “Oh my, will it be worth it to have my teeth pulled and then have a mouthful of teeth on plastic?” From the moment I walked into the office I was greeted by two wonderful women that made me feel like I was the only one there. Then I met Jaro, with his huge smile and kind heart. He helped me see that my smile would be back again and I just knew it would be great. My dentist said my dentures are the best that Jaro ever made (I agree). They worked tirelessly to get my teeth done and when all was ready, it was now two weeks until Christmas so I was prepared to go until January – what was another couple of weeks I had gone this long without a smile? I could wait.

    Well Jaro and his team had other ideas; I was called and booked for December 20th to have my teeth removed and then December 21st to see Jaro for my first checkup with my new teeth. He has told me I have recovered amazingly, eating regular food after three days and had my first steak in three weeks. I feel more normal with my dentures than I ever did with my own teeth.

    Ever hear the old saying careful what you wish for? Well, my wish came true and Jaro and his team gave me the best Christmas Gift I could have ever wished for – MY SMILE.

    For the first month, my cheeks were so sore from smiling. Everyone comments on how much they look real and how bright they are that when I smile (which is usually most of the time). I have the smile that I was born with. Never in a million years could I ever thank them enough for giving me back my pride. I will always be so grateful to all of them and they will always have a special place in my heart.


    Smiling for Life
  • I am writing this letter in regards to how thankful I am to have my implants. When I was just wearing my dentures, I would have to use the polygrip to hold them into place and that was terrible stuff. If you like to peel glue out of your mouth, so be it. When Dr. Raf Bartosiak and Jaro talked to me about implants, it took me a while, thinking what good are these going to do in my mouth. They were both thorough and honestly answered every question I had. I trusted them enough to go ahead and have four mini implants done in my lower denture only. Now I am very thankful I did. It sure makes a difference when you can enjoy a nice steak or corn on the cob without your dentures flopping all over the place and food getting underneath them. Everyone that wears regular dentures knows that I am right.

    If anyone is deciding to get the implants, I would suggest you go for it. The procedure is not painful – it just takes time for your dentures to be adjusted where they are comfortable which means you would make a quick visit here and there until you are completely comfortable. So take my advice and get the implants. It is worth it and I promise you, you will not be sorry that you did. I KNOW I’M NOT.

    Once again special thanks to Jaro Wojcicki Jr. and Dr. Raf Bartosiak.

    Thank you,

    So Much Easier to Eat with Implants
    Kathryn, LaFontaine
  • The high end décor in the reception area and offices is very attractive and comfortable. The receptionist/staff are warm, pleasant and flexible in scheduling appointments to meet my needs. Jaro demonstrated high standards of aseptic technique in utilizing “state of art” equipment.

    In a professional manner he gave a clear explanation of the treatment options available and the associated costs. He seemed to enjoy the challenge of addressing my difficult structural issue and unusual bite.

    Jaro patiently described each step throughout the process and the aftercare follow-up offered if required.

    This is the first time I have put in new dentures and walked away in comfort—happy to smile and confident that if an adjustment is required down the road I just need to call. I definitely will be referring to Jaro.

    Pleasant Office & Professional Care
    Beth, Woodland Beach
  • My experience at your office was great. You were friendly and made me feel welcome. Jaro made me feel at ease. He answered all of my questions and showed me a lot of choices and explained everything. What I liked most was his opinion on colour and size of teeth. There are so many choices, but he was great. So far, so good. I would certainly recommend my family and friends. Thank you.

    Yours truly,

    Felt Welcome in a Friendly Office
  • The reception and customer service was outstanding. Jaro was great. He showed me the different looks and choices I had, and answered all my questions thoroughly. He is a denturist I will continue to go to. I would also refer friends and family to Jaro and his staff. I was very happy with my new dentures.


    Comfortable and Welcoming Atmosphere
    Paul, Penetanguishene

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